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Daniel Patrik Krister Nilsson is a swedish model and actor born 26th of January 1980. Since he was a kid he started cultivating a big passion for ice hockey, which led him to play as a junior in the highest national and international leagues. Ice hockey has been very important in his life and it contributed to form his personality, his competitiveness, his team spirit and gave him enduring friendships but also many injuries, that he still bears the scars of.

When he was 20, after a serious injury, he had to quit the sport he thought would have been his future and he tried to take an alternative path by starting working for big companies but he found out soon that he wasn’t happy with the office job so he decided to leave everything behind and go to Australia with no plans. In the new continent he discovered a big passion for surf, spent a couple of years on the australian beaches, earning money with different jobs (dishwasher, busker, butcher..) and he started modelling for some brands. When his job in fashion became serious, he could travel all around the world for the next 10 years, working and having fun surfing the hawaiian waves or snowboarding on the canadian mountains.

In 2011 Daniel got to Milan where he worked for advertising campaigns (Colmar, Marville, Champion, Carlsberg, Stone Island, café noir and more) and magazines (men’s health, GQ). The next year he did the casting for the “Bonus” in the Tv show “Avanti Un Altro” on Canale5 hosted by Paolo Bonolis and he’s still part of the cast. In the last year he’s had new working experiences with the movie “La coppia dei campioni” directed by Giulio Base, with Max Tortora and Massimo Boldi and with the fiction “Don Matteo” on RaiUno. From 20th February 2016 he’s participating to the 11th season of the italian “Dancing with the Stars”, Tv show on RaiUno prime time.

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